Dance of the Universal Fabric

Thursday September 01, 2033

Time and space are lovers, intertwined in a dance that formed the very fabric of the Universe. It was a bond that even Einstein failed to fully appreciate, oversimplifying the intimacy of their embrace. His philosophy continued to treat each entity as separate and distinct when in fact both their hearts beat as one. Rational thought found this symbiotic relationship difficult to comprehend as there is nothing in the human equation that allows us to perceive time as we perceive space. There’s the rub, how can one see the truth when you are blinded by the lie created by your five senses? Many still persist in treating them as unique, weaving time into the fabric of space to generate some fancy formulae, maybe even some Nobel Prize material, but in reality it’s nothing like that at all.

It was this epiphany that allowed me to build my time machine, a device that can independently manipulate temporal and spatial coordinates. Since technically it’s a time and space transporter, I christened it a Tasporter. This made Hendley chortle.

∞  Excerpt from the digital diary of Dr. Horatio Herzkrafter

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