The Forever Man Series

The Forever Man Series

Harland and Wolff - Arrol Gantry Titanic Colour

Book 1: The Belfast Mission

As a quantum data physicist, Horatio has everything figured out, everything that is, except for people. Science is his solace against humanity. Fortressed in his lab, he slots the Universe into neatly stacked equations. But this twenty-two year old Ph.D. student also has an innate desire to help others. So when his discovery of time travel leads to a citywide blackout, placing lives in peril, he re-examines his egotistic ambitions, for the ability to wield time and space is meaningless without a noble purpose. In perfecting his machine, he finds such a purpose—returning to the past to save those who have needlessly perished.

Every experiment requires a control, and Horatio can think of none better than the RMS Titanic: a ship isolated and lost at sea. Banding with his friend, Hendley, they devise a plan to travel through time and correct a flaw in the ship’s original build, ensuring that she’ll survive a collision with an iceberg. But 1909 Belfast poses problems that science cannot solve.

Seeking employment in the company that built the great ship, they endeavour to use their 2041 technology to change history. However, century old engineers, coupled with money hungry shipbuilders, force them to rethink their strategy. Teaming up with Kat, a company typist, the men are able to revise their plan to guarantee a success. But it’s evident she also holds sway over Horatio’s heart, clouding his judgment and jeopardizing the mission. If science cannot be separated from emotion, not only will the Titanic be lost again, but Horatio may end up forfeiting Kat as he and Hendley spend the remainder of their lives jailed in the past.

AAA - Titanic - Leaving Southamption - Tugs To River Test

Book 2: The Titanic Mission

Book 3: The Darwin Mission

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